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The hypo portfolio

A hypo is a hypo is a hypo. Low blood sugar, sweaty, fuzzy head, confused, weak, dizzy, argumentative (yes, even more so than usual) etc etc. But even with all those similarities I think there is a virtual smorgasbord of hypo types. The nice hypo – you feel yourself going low, you eat, you rise. Job… Read More »

Applications of continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump therapy in the prevention of diabetic hypoglycemia

Everyone’s second favourite online academic journal covering hypoglycemia – http://www.hypodiab.com – has an interesting article on the benefits of CGM and pumps to avoid hypos after exercise. The article notes that: The authors concluded that CGM is a useful approach in people with type 1 diabetes who perform an exercise program by potentially allowing the… Read More »

Pancreatic poker face

I often (well, only really when it gives me a theme for a post, but go with it) think that playing at being a pancreas is a bit like playing poker. You need confidence. You have to bluff your way through and show no weakness when it comes to gambling on that extra bolus to… Read More »

Picking my battles

Last night we went to see comedian John Bishop at Liverpool Arena. He was hilarious. Liverpool Arena, like most others, has a very simple business model. Charge high ticket booking fees, get them through the door and then screw as much out of them as you can for food and drink. It’s a pretty standard… Read More »

Hypo Hilarity

By Samantha The dreaded hypo’s are back. Uh-oh. Man the barricades. When I have bad hypos, I turn into something like the monster from the black lagoon, all growly, pale and nasty. And over the past week or so, I’ve been having some rather nasty ones in the vein of at least two a day… Read More »

Hello sweety

For the last few days I’ve been suffering from a slightly sore back. Nothing so bad as to make me retreat to lie on a hard wooden floor or be tortured by a chiropractor; but enough to slightly annoy me. You’ll no doubt be thrilled to discover that I soon traced the problem. Being pancreatically… Read More »

Everyone hates diabetics

Regular commentator and blogger extraordinaire Mark drew my attention to a recent article on the BBC web site in which it was reported an ambulance man in sunny Liverpool decided that a diabetic woman who collapsed on a bus with a hypo was in fact utterly “drunk” and refused to treat her. Happily the moronic,… Read More »

My brain is not coming to work today

For years I’ve had a nasty habit that scares and un-nerves my closest relatives. At first they were completely baffled by it, then they came to understand it and have now developed some coping strategies. I coped fine with my diabetes at university. My housemates were great about not eating my emergency food, they picked… Read More »