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Amputation rates show huge regional variation

According to the BBC: “Amputation rates for diabetes patients are 10 times higher in some parts of England than in others, according to a study. Researchers say the figures highlight the importance of ensuring the right specialist care. The findings coincide with an NHS report putting the annual cost of diabetes-related amputations at £120m.” This… Read More »

DUK responds to NHS reforms

In a letter to The Times, everyone’s second favourite diabetes charity writes about the NHS reforms in England and Wales. They say: “The reforms will place £80 billion of the NHS budget into the hands of GPs, but plans to make GP consortia accountable to the public are far too weak. The plans will allow… Read More »

Dearest darling GP

Dearest darling GP, I moved my healthcare to your business a couple of years ago because my previous GP was failing to deliver. He was medically mediocre and administratively hopeless. I like your surgery because you take in a lot of trainee GPs. Terrifying as this may first sound, they’re actually rather good – they’re… Read More »

LDRG diabetes conference

Last Saturday at 9.30am (which, as any normal person will realise, is far too early for a Saturday morning) I arrived at Napier University for the famed annual LDRG diabetes conference. I was slightly the worse for wear after a work-colleague’s retirement do the night before (I’m certain one of the glasses of champagne I… Read More »

Pump training

Avid readers of your soaraway Shoot Up will know that I’m currently on an 18-month long NHS waiting list for a pump. You’ll also recall I’m not too chuffed about this for obvious reasons. As, on the whole, I’m generally a pain in the arse I’ve been writing polite letters to everyone concerned about this… Read More »

SIGN Diabetes Management Guidelines Consultation

Scottish readers (and I know you exist) will be interested that Scotland’s SIGN Diabetes Management Guidelines Consultation is now taking place. Aileen at IPAG Scotland reminds us that any responses from the pancreatically challenged hoards need to be submitted before 16th October 2009. In particular, the section on pump therapy (4.3.1) looks like it was… Read More »