Tips for agencies contacting Shoot Up

Agencies queuing up to contact Shoot Up, yesterday

Agencies queuing up to contact Shoot Up, yesterday

If you’re an agency thinking of contacting the soaraway Shoot Up, here are some handy questions to ask yourself before hitting that send email button:

Starters for ten

  • Have you actually read the blog and forums and understand what we’re about?
  • No, we won’t link to your website
  • Are we really going to be interested in whatever it is you want us to plug? Like really, genuinely, honestly interested?
  • Are our readers going to be thrilled to hear about whatever it is you want us to plug? We know your client thinks we should be enthralled but please think of our readers. Won’t anyone think of the poor readers?

Plugging Products

  • If you do send us products for review (and people do) we’ll probably be very rude about any shortcomings. However, if something is genuinely good we’ll tell lots of diabetics about it. So, is your product really good? Seriously?

Advertorial copy

  • We don’t accept articles which are made up of advertorial content or are designed to create a “social media buzz” (whatever that is) for your client. We generally only accept articles from other diabetics and entities with non-commercial aims. We know that you think your content will be “genuinely of value” to the diabetic community but we both know – in our heart of hearts – that it won’t be.


  • We still don’t accept advertising on the site even if you generously offer up to USD$100 for a year’s display of a flashing banner ad on the front page.
  • If you ignore the last two points, please only give quotations for advertising in Croatian kuna, not United States dollars. We insist on this exclusively to irritate you.

Anyway, if you have considered these questions then do feel free to go back to the Contact Us page. Despite the naked aggression outlined above we are quite approachable and we’ll be very polite when we tell you to piss off.

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