Not even a spoonful

By | 29 June, 2009

I think a unit of insulin is a huge amount. One too many is the difference between me waking up and going to work, or waking up drenched in sweat jibbering complete rubbish and scaring the husband.

Equally, a unit less than I needed for dinner is the difference between a very pleasant evening with friends and an evening spent with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth and a fuzzy headache while I battle to get my blood sugar down from the ceiling.

In my world a unit of insulin is a big thing, it’s massive. A unit of insulin to me looks like a biscuit, half an apple, a small yoghurt or 5 fruit pastilles.

I generally use between 50 and 60 units a day (although I get really stroppy when ignorant travel insurance companies ask me how many units I use a day as if the answer will give them any meaningful information, but I digress).  Do you know what 50 units of insulin looks like? Its nothing. Tiny, miniscule, I take at least twice as much medicine to sooth an irritating cough several times a day.

My daily elixir of life boils down to this – less than a teaspoon full!

10 thoughts on “Not even a spoonful

  1. Tim

    I’ve never thought of it in those terms – how odd; such a tiny amount does so much!

  2. CALpumper

    What. An. Image.

    I never thought of it that way either. I’m on ave. at 40u, maybe a bit less.
    Seeing that image and thinking I take less, it still seems like such a Huge amount. (probably because it’s kinda vital, eh?)

    Thank you for this Alison! What a great idea. And again, what an image.

  3. Tim

    Totting it up I put in about 60-ish units a day. Interesting that we’re all fairly different.

  4. Lora

    Great picture. I thought the mug was neat, then scrolled down to the spoon as I was reading. It always seems like so much, but it’s so little…and so much.

  5. Melanie

    Wow, that’s incredible. It really demonstrates that every drop can make a huge difference.

  6. J.B.

    Wow, hey I love this! BTW, where can I get a coffe mug like that one…love that, too!

  7. Alison

    Thanks for the lovely comments guys.

    The mug comes from a batch my parents had made in around 1987 to raise money and awareness. The smallest batch the factory would do was 5000 – hence we were selling these things for many years! Sadly they sold out a few years ago and just a rare few remain in my cupboards ready to feature in appropriate photo opportunities.


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