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Medtronic European internet forum 2012

Everyone’s second favourite pump & CGM company Medtronic once again brought together a bunch of interweb-savy diabetic types in Switzerland for their almost annual internet forum. The last two forums were pretty UK focussed, but diabetics have now been discovered outside of the UK in the deepest, darkest depths of Europe, so this time was a veritable Eurovision song… Read More »

Football ends in tears

Last weekend saw the highlight of the diabetic footballing calendar. 132 kids with diabetes from 12 different countries, plus their parents/supporters headed to Lausanne, Switzerland to take part in the finals of Junior Cup Diabetes 2012. Medtronic have hosted the event for the past 6 years. As they said at the opening ceremony, the event… Read More »

Enlite – a couple of months in

I’m a couple of months into life with the new Enlite CGM sensors, so how’s it going? Have my thoughts changed since my first impressions? Insertion. Genuinely, it has never hurt once when I’ve inserted an Enlite sensor. The marketing spiel claimed it wouldn’t hurt, but I didn’t actually believe it! I’ve got the hang… Read More »

A shiny new pump – the Veo

Today is my birthday and I got the second most exciting present ever. The first most exciting present arrived 4 years ago in the shape of my first ever insulin pump. What a fabulous bit of kit. You can keep your iphones, laptops, satnavs and other gizmos. For me, the most life-changingly, health improvingly, fabulous gadget… Read More »

The age of Enlite-enment

Medtronic have announced that their new Enlite CGM sensor – as played with by  Alison and Tim in Switzerland recently – has received CE Mark approval in Paris which means it can now be launched subject to other local approvals in more than 35 countries. As yet, no news on a launch date in the UK,… Read More »