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Blood glucose meter inventor dies

This dog hangs his head in shame as he’s just realised he had no idea who invented the first portable blood glucose monitor until he read his obituary today. This much better informed dog now knows that Sheffield-born electronics engineer Stanley Clark invented said device in his spare time whilst living in Australia, motivated by his 5… Read More »

Review – Accu-Chek Mobile

A gnomish review of an innovative device. What’s in the box? The device comes in the standard sort of meter packaging, a windowed box which displays the meter.  Inside is the meter, of course, a separately packaged test cassette, a lancet cassette for the FastClix finger stabbing device, and half a rainforest. Actually, the half… Read More »

Vampire volumetrics

There are certain things in life that only those of us who are pancreatically challenged will ever have the pleasure of doing. Having a heated debate about whether or not you lick your finger after doing a blood test is one of those things. Said debate over at Diabetes Mine got me thinking. I lick.… Read More »

Blood Glucose Meter of the Year

It’s fast approaching the end of 2009 and every form of media is crammed with lazy, poorly composed “end of the year” reviews. And, of course, your soaraway Shoot Up is no exception. But forget those boring articles, TV clip shows or back-slapping awards ceremonies you see on the television. Who cares about comedy awards,… Read More »