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Pump training

Avid readers of your soaraway Shoot Up will know that I’m currently on an 18-month long NHS waiting list for a pump. You’ll also recall I’m not too chuffed about this for obvious reasons. As, on the whole, I’m generally a pain in the arse I’ve been writing polite letters to everyone concerned about this… Read More »

Diabetic terrorism

I was recently reminiscing about my childhood with some friends. I grew up in Northern Ireland during the 1980’s amidst the chucklefest that was The Troubles. I usually say we lived in Belfast, but in fact we lived in the leafy suburbs of Cultra – which, as anyone who knows the area will attest, is… Read More »

Scottish Parliament debates insulin pumps

The thrill-seekers amongst us will be delighted to be informed that the provision of insulin pumps in Scotland was debated in the Scottish Parliament last week, in a motion introduced by David Stewart MSP (I never knew he got into politics after Eurythmics split up…) The Parliament’s full report can be found here: http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/business/officialReports/meetingsParliament/or-09/sor0903-02.htm#Col19328 For… Read More »