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By | 19 October, 2009

For the last few days I’ve been suffering from a slightly sore back. Nothing so bad as to make me retreat to lie on a hard wooden floor or be tortured by a chiropractor; but enough to slightly annoy me.

You’ll no doubt be thrilled to discover that I soon traced the problem. Being pancreatically challenged (as you’re no doubt aware) I carry a funky man bag with me wherever I go to transport my diabetic-supplies and miscellaneous other guff I need to live on a daily basis. Needless to say, being a Good Diabetic, amongst this stuff I always have a small cache of sweets in case of an inopportune hypo.

Speaking of which, I wonder if it’s possible to get an opportune hypo? I suppose hypos could be feigned to get out of awkward situations ā€“ for example, blind dates where your expectations haven’t exactly been met; a smelly, fat guy coming to sit next to you on the bus; or arrest by angry armed thugs and countless other socially difficult circumstances. Thinking about it, I really should try it sometime.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty busy recently so every time I’ve been rushing out the house I’ve automatically picked up another handful of Fruit Pastilles and shoved them in my bag. Fortunately, my levels have been grand and I haven’t had need of everyone’s favourite hypo cure. This has had the results that I’ve now built up the world’s largest supply of Fruit Pastilles (pictured above) which I’ve consequently been lugging about for days and days and which must have caused my sore back – they do actually weigh a suprisingly large amount.

So this is yet another of the myriad hidden costs of diabetes ā€“ sore backs from carting hypo cures around. At least I don’t carry great bottles of Lucozade around like I used to; but still, I curse you God of the Pancreas! *shakes fist at heavens*

9 thoughts on “Hello sweety

  1. Mike

    Aha.. The Good Ol Fruit Pastille! A packet of which is currently placed next to my keyboard and priced at the princely sum of ā‚¬0.62 cents does not allow me to purchase too many, much to my disgust as I quite like them.

    Any way to quote from the ads from our time as I’m sure you remember them as well! šŸ™‚

    “I bet you can’t…without chewing” http://www.rowntrees.co.uk/range/fruitpastilles.aspx

  2. Mike

    They doo in deed.. Even have them here.. All imported of course but nice to have a variety eh! šŸ™‚

  3. Clarey

    Now then, perhaps I am living in the past but do they really work as well and as quickly as lucozade? It’s the only thing that’s ever worked and I just thought I’d ask – obviously you all swear by them!? I hate lugging around lucozade……… I too have a sore back! šŸ™

  4. Tim

    @Clarey I think they work pretty quickly and each juicy morsal seems to pack in hell of a lot of sugar. I used to swear by lucozade, but now swear by Fruit Pastilles.

    I tend to buy my Fruit Pastilles in bulk from the supermarket – so they do work out pretty cheap!

  5. Alison

    @Clarey If it’s a really bad low, I resort to fruit juice but for a pesky little low, 3 fruit pastilles work wonderfully for me. The only issue is that if the next one in the pack is a black one, I have to eat that too! Lucozade never crosses my lips, I hate it an irrational passion.


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