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All change

I foolishly thought the one certainty in diabetes was the way I feel when I’m hypo. It appears I’m a fool to have thought that. When I was little, a hypo was a “funny tummy”. That strange feeling I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but I knew wasn’t right. As a teenager that progressed… Read More »

The spectre of hypos

Back by popular demand, my wife Katie writes about living with the spectre of hypos. -Tim It has been said to me on a number of occasions – “Katie we can set our watches by your stomach”. At 12noon that’s it, lunch time, there’s no stopping me reaching for my sandwiches or popping to Marks… Read More »

Diabetics can do anything

We quite often talk about the downsides of diabetes – the problems with hypos, sight issues and legs rotting off with gangrene. But a recent headline in Scotland’s daily rag The Herald gave me renewed hope – “Diabetes sufferer sacked from school wins back job”. As an aside, the Scottish press is world-renowned for its… Read More »


Edinburgh is currently suffering from a heat wave. No, really. Honestly it’s true. Sometimes in Scotland the cloud, rain, drizzle and sleet briefly clear to allow through a little bit of sun and occasionally the temperature gets into double figures. While I’m enjoying the smell of molten tarmac that wafts through my office windows, and… Read More »

The Valley of the Hypos…

…thankfully didn’t get a visit from me. A quick update following last Wednesday’s post. The brief version is that insulin pumps and CGMS are wonderful things and at this moment I won’t hear a word against them. Now for the slightly longer version. On Wednesday evening I stopped taking the evil drugs that were making… Read More »