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The Big Event

So this weekend was the first time in my adult life I’d been in a group of more than 15 diabetics who weren’t nervously waiting to be talked to by the consultant.  I was willing attendee of this site’s official favourite charity Diabetes UK at The Big Event held at Warwick University – confusingly located… Read More »

Scots to get insulin pumps shocker

Happy days for potential pumpers in Scotland. In response to huge amounts of nagging from pancreatically challenged Scots, IPAG and Diabetes UK, Scottish health secretary Nicola Sturgeon announced today: “By the end of March 2013, this treatment [insulin pumps] will be made available to the 480 children and teens struggling with type 1 diabetes who could… Read More »

Group therapy

I went to my local Diabetes UK meeting last night. I tend to do most of my diabetes “you show me yours I’ll show you mine” activity online nowadays, but I do venture out into the real world occasionally. I pick my meetings carefully. I find the alcohol intake needed to offset the depression caused by… Read More »

You can never please a diabetic

When it comes to raising awareness of and money for diabetes, we’re a contrary bunch. We’re always very keen for everyone to understand everything about diabetes, because it’s an exciting and fascinating disease don’t you know. And if I’ve got to live with it, you’re going to know about it. But we – and by… Read More »

Dog eats DUK hummingbird

This dog is hanging its head in shame and would like to apologise for its behaviour. Having indulged in one too many glasses of port over the festive season he briefly lost control and ate the Diabetes UK hummingbird. He is very sorry that a lot of hard work has had to go into producing… Read More »