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Vampire volumetrics

There are certain things in life that only those of us who are pancreatically challenged will ever have the pleasure of doing. Having a heated debate about whether or not you lick your finger after doing a blood test is one of those things. Said debate over at Diabetes Mine got me thinking. I lick.… Read More »

A bazillion diabetics test their blood glucose

Further to Manny’s post over at diabetes uber-site Tudiabetes here: http://tudiabetes.com/forum/topics/14k-people-with-diabetes-test We’re joining in with the mass glucose testing mayhem – anything for an easy post! So Alison has clocked in with a worthy 6.7, while Tim’s current BG is surprisingly similar 6.8. Obviously, this is all about raising awareness of the benefits of regular… Read More »

Oh sheet!

Monday was a beautiful sunny bank holiday in north west England. We spent most of it gardening. It was a perfect day for washing so I stripped the bed and the washing line was soon full of nice clean bedding drying in the breeze. On Monday night we climbed into nice, clean, crisp bedding. It… Read More »