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Picking a pump in 2011

The time has come. It’s hard to believe but its four years since I got my pump and its warranty is nearing an end so it needs to be replaced. On one hand, I can’t believe four years have passed since I stepped into a brave new world and felt a bit like I was… Read More »

Review – Accu-Chek Mobile

A gnomish review of an innovative device. What’s in the box? The device comes in the standard sort of meter packaging, a windowed box which displays the meter.  Inside is the meter, of course, a separately packaged test cassette, a lancet cassette for the FastClix finger stabbing device, and half a rainforest. Actually, the half… Read More »

Review of 2010

Everyone hates the end of the year and those endless “review of the year” articles. They’re tedious, lazy, annoying and irritate readers. Not being one to shy away from annoying our readers, here’s your soaraway Shoot Up’s review of 2010. We started off the year in combative mood, asking “Why are insulin pens so ugly”… Read More »