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Roman Rumble in pictorial format

The Internet and the web are wonderful inventions. Surely the apogee of their myriad delights is the ability to bore the hell out of people all around the world with your holiday snaps. Poor Sir Tim Berners-Lee would be turning in his grave (if he were, in fact, dead) if he could see his invention… Read More »

The Romans hath rumbled

Hurrah! There are two things to celebrate, firstly I now have an Internet connection and secondly we’ve completed the Roman Rumble with bikes, muscles and sanity relatively intact. The last day saw us attack the infamous Wrynose and Hardknott passes with their one in three gradients and horrific hairpin bends. We got off to a… Read More »

Day four

Hideous internet connection in Cumbria too. Will write up day for when I can. Needless to say Wyrenose and Hardnott conquered non stop in costume! Pictures to follow… Posted via my generic mobile device

Day three

Terrible Internet connection. Will have to write it up tomorrow. Fifty miles in hot sun in Roman costume. Sweaty. Very sweaty…! Posted via my generic mobile device

Day two

I write this from my palatial suite while Stephan lurks grumpily in his cramped garret, I think I got the better room today (I got the better room yesterday too, hurrah!) After our promised breakfast we set off, covered a feeble eight miles and then stopped at our first Roman fort. It was the turn… Read More »

Day one

I’m currently sitting here in a rather nice bed and breakfast in Corbridge having completed the first day of the Roman Rumble for the wonderful Pendsey Trust. Today we have been blessed with absolutely wonderful weather, which is a bit of the disadvantage in that wearing a Roman costume in hot weather is not very… Read More »

Shoot Up is interviewed

As I lay in my basket reading the latest news on my tablet this morning (my tablet is specially adapted to allow me to use it with my paws) I was delighted to see your soaraway Shoot Up being interviewed. This time it was by our favourite charity – the Pendsey Trust – and you… Read More »

Fame at last!

Fame, as they say, at last. Your soaraway Shoot Up and the Roman Rumble has been featured my local newspaper. Fans of Edinburgh suburbia will already be familiar with the Currie and Balerno news, with it’s litany of planning application coverage and angry letters about dog poo, so you can only imagine my delight in… Read More »