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DVLA to update licence form for diabetic drivers

This dog was interested to read that the DVLA have listened to angry cries from diabetic types and agreed to review the driving licence application form for people with diabetes. You might remember several stroppy ShootUp writers and readers writing to their MPs about the lack of clarity in planned new regulations about what was meant… Read More »

UK government to EU – “erm, are you sure?”

You’ll recall Alison’s post a few week’s ago about changes to driving regulations for diabetics (it’s here if you don’t). Well, according to everyone’s second favourite diabetes charity, Diabetes UK, Prime Minister David Cameron said in the House of Commons that the DVLA is going back to the EU to check their understanding of the interpretation… Read More »

Edinburgh roads suddenly less safe

Avid readers of your soarway Shoot Up will recall that I’ve seemingly been learning to drive for what seems like 300-odd years. I’ve burbled on about it here, here and here and, funnily enough Alison’s had a rant about it here (driving in general, not me learning to drive specifically). Anyway, for readers who hate… Read More »

Driving with diabetes

Long time readers of your soaraway Shoot Up might recall that I started driving lessons in 2009. They might also have noted that announcements of me passing my test were conspicuous by their absence. No, I didn’t fail; I merely took a year long break from lessons for ;

Driving me crazy

I try to be positive about the whole pancreas situation. No point in whinging, much better to just get on with it.  There are however  two* occasions when I allow myself a luxurious lament. The first is a short, sharp blast of anger whenever it comes to the laborious task of getting together the ridiculous… Read More »

Driving Edinburgh commuters up the wall

Regular readers will remember that at the ripe old age of 32 I’m currently learning to drive. To have left it so late is sad, I know. Anyway, I thought I would give you a quick update as to how I’m doing – because I know you’re all just dying to know. Well, it’s all… Read More »

Driving me up the wall

This is a public service announcement. Very soon there will be a new hazard on the roads in and about Edinburgh. This hazard is particularly lethal and all drivers in the area should use extreme caution when venturing onto the public highways. Yes, you’ve guessed, I’m learning to drive! “But Tim”, I hear you cry,… Read More »