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Poll: what’s your favourite hypo cure?

Regular readers of your soaraway Shoot Up will know that I – Pippa the Polecat – put up a new poll asking for your views about different aspects of living with diabetes on a very regular, scheduled monthly basis. Anyone who says that Tim (sorry, Pippa!) forgets about the poll, can’t think of a new… Read More »

Poll results – Aside from routine appointments, how many times have you been hospitalised as a result of diabetes?

Well, it’s that time again – the “monthly” (and I use the term in its widest conceivable sense) poll results. Last month *cough* we asked “Aside from routine appointments, how many times have you been hospitalised as a result of diabetes”? Rather pleasingly for all concerned, “Never” topped the poll with an impressive 41% share… Read More »

Poll: How often do you meet up with other diabetics?

Achtung! It’s poll results time! Last month we asked you “How often do you meet up with other diabetics?” and the results show that in terms of diabetes you’re an anti-social lot. 46% of respondents said that they’d never met up with any other diabetics. Which is quite a a large proportion really. I always… Read More »

Poll results – What’s your food-related nemesis?

Hurrah! Some time has passed since we published the last poll. I’ve long given up describing it as the “monthly” poll as it’s almost never monthly. If you have complaints about the irregular timing of the polls then feel free to write me a very stiff letter. On cardboard. Anyway, last time we asked what… Read More »

Poll results – Who is your favourite UK diabetes charity?

It’s poll results times again – hurrah! Last month we kicked off a barely disguised popularity contest by asking who’s your favourite UK-based diabetes charity. Despite the inexplicable unpopularity of Diabetes UK’s recent rebrand (“I’ll never support you again, you bastards, unless you reinstate the pink hummingbird!”) they came out top by some way, with… Read More »