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My first musical HbA1c is in

Six months ago I started learning to play the baritone and at the time it made me realise quite how terrifying it is to be launched into a whole new world. Learning about music seemed about as complex as working out how to carb count, adjust basal rates and identify hypos. The one advantage music has… Read More »

A whole new world

I’ve decided to learn to play a musical instrument. My family will quickly tell you that this is well outside my current skillset. I’m not renowned for my sense of rhythm or pitch. However, the husband plays the tenor horn in a wind orchestra and in a pub after a recent concert I was bullied/coerced/persuaded/pressured… Read More »

Ask a diabetic rock star!

Brett Ryan Stewart is a gifted young, up and coming American musician who writes and plays some good music described as “indie/pop peppered with a southern influence”. You can listen to his stuff over on his MySpace page here. As well as being irritatingly talented, Brett is also lucky enough to have Type One diabetes… Read More »

Diabetes: The Musical

My fair city of Edinburgh is currently in the grip of the Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe. For those that don’t know, the city plays host to the world’s largest arts festival. Each August a bewildering number of plays, dance routines, comedy shows, musical extravaganzas, street performances are put on in a warren of tiny,… Read More »

Diabetes and music festivals

While Alison and I are completely ancient (Alison especially), I know that some of you young folk regularly read the soaraway Shoot Up. It’s therefore worth noting that Edinburgh’s Napier University have recently created a leaflet giving advice to you outlandish young people who have diabetes about attending this summer’s music festivals, where I understand… Read More »

The Ultimate Diabetic Mix-Tap

When I was a teenager (many, many, many years ago) I did a lot of things that teenagers do – get grumpy, get spotty, grow my hair long and make mix-tapes for distribution to friends and stalkees. Recorded directly from the radio I would be furious if the half-witted DJ spoke over the last few… Read More »