Applications of continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump therapy in the prevention of diabetic hypoglycemia

By | 1 February, 2011

logo1Everyone’s second favourite online academic journal covering hypoglycemia – – has an interesting article on the benefits of CGM and pumps to avoid hypos after exercise. The article notes that:

The authors concluded that CGM is a useful approach in people with type 1 diabetes who perform an exercise program by potentially allowing the detection of nocturnal hypoglycemia resulting from intermittent high-intensity exercise performed in the afternoon.

There’s then a quite interesting commentary on how difficult it is to objectively show in a study the benefits of pumps and CGMs to us diabetics. Which is a pity really because this dog thinks that CGMs and pumps (and good software to analyse the resulting data) are the way forward for good control.

Source: (free registration required for the full article).

3 thoughts on “Applications of continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump therapy in the prevention of diabetic hypoglycemia

  1. lizz

    Interesting. I went to my GP yesterday at 5 ( a literal 3 minute walk down to the surgery in the village – I was in there for half an hour, I think they decided to ambush me as I never go, so he did a run down of everything while I was there as well as looking at my arm, which I can’t move, and referring me. Before bed my BS was 14, but wary of night time hypos I gave myself a correction for a BS of 11. When I climbed into bed 15 minutes later Lola started growling at me from inside her cage. I did another BS and it was 6 – so I treated her, got out of bed, went downstairs, had some sugar and a flapjack for long and went back to bed. At 5 am she woke OH growling again, and I was unconscious. So – maybe I go hypo in the night in answer to a quick 2 minute walk!

  2. lizz

    Oh! Forgot to say, this morning, (with a BG of 21!!) I was at my bi-annual meeting with pump clinic Dr and nurse. My read out from my meter had highs and loads of lows, so that allied to the fact that I have had another unconscious episode means they have offered me the veo pump and CGM to try for a while, so they can also see what my BS is doing. They also offered me a transplant again.

  3. Mike

    Dear Diabetes Fairy,

    You can keep your shiny pumpy gadgets, but please can you fix it for me to have a clinic appointment where the new consultant who has just taken over says, “I’m a firm believer in CGM therapy, here have a Dexcom and lifetime of supplies”. Thanking you in advance.

    Mike ‘found himself wanting a Veo pump CGM today but only because of the CGM part of it’


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