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A cure is ten years away

It’s a favourite mantra here at your soaraway Shoot Up that a cure for diabetes is always ten years away. While spooning down our cornflakes over the morning paper, we see endless headlines like “Pill cure for diabetes sufferers” and “Stem cell research to bring end to diabetes” and “Cinnamon cure for diabetic fatties”, etc.,… Read More »

Should we go all out for a cure?

I was at a meeting a few weeks ago when discussion wandered onto the artificial pancreas. How we’re making progress towards it, how it’d be great if they could get it controlling blood sugars automatically overnight, but how more complex manoeuvres like dealing with food and exercise will be more of a challenge. And of… Read More »

Peninsula researchers’ defective gene may help diabetics

A study of people born without a pancreas has provided a “key” which could help those with Type 1 diabetes. The discovery of a defective gene – GATA6 – was made by Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry researchers at the University of Exeter. This dog always likes stories about diabetes breakthroughs but sometimes thinks… Read More »

I wish I was a diabetic mouse

As I sit each morning over my toast and marmalade appraising the latest edition of The Times propped up against the teapot – the warming scent of lapsang souchong drifting through the air – my eye is often drawn to the latest medical developments in the wild world of diabetes research. In general I think… Read More »

Want to get involved in diabetes research?

For researchers looking to investigate something around diabetes, the first challenge can often be finding some suitable guinea pigs to experiment on. Some might have a friendly hospital diabetic clinic who’ll let them speak to their patients, but most pancreatically challenged types are treated by GP’s, and aren’t so easy to get hold of. Help… Read More »

Pump update

People who read this blog for a long time (you poor souls) may dimly recall that in September 2009 I wrote an article where I mentioned I would be getting a pump (it’s here, if you don’t remember it). You may also dimly recall that I was a bit eggy about having to wait eighteen… Read More »