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More group therapy goodies

It seems to be the month for group therapy. Following my local Diabetes UK meeting a couple of weeks ago I spent a happy few hours last night in our local hospital. They run a coffee evening a couple of times a year for all those who’ve mastered the dark art of carb counting and insulin adjustment through… Read More »

Am I a nightmare patient?

There have been a couple of interesting articles recently about how patients and Drs interact. There was a particularly amusing/irritating dispute on the CNN website where Drs had recorded videos complaining about “patients who know too much”. Patient advocates, including www.diabetesmine.com’s Amy Tenderich quickly gave those Drs short shrift, objecting to their defensive stance and… Read More »

The annual toe tickle

I went for my annual diabetic toe tickle last week. This follows a similar routine every year. I walk in, the chiropodist does a double take and says “Oh, hello, they’re normally a lot older than you!”. I take this to mean he doesn’t see too many sprightly type 1’s. I also dread the day… Read More »

The professional diabetic

This whole playing at being a pancreas thing does take up a lot of time. Changing infusion sets, bolusing, carb counting, hypoing, they all eat away at my time. Normally it all fits in with my life and I don’t really notice it. But every now and then it makes a bid to take over. I’ve… Read More »

My latest MOT

It’s that time of the year again – yesterday saw me indulge in my regular trip up to the Royal Infirmary to be prodded, pricked and poked as part of my regular seven-month check up, my first after getting the pump back in November. I’m going to be up front and tell those of you… Read More »