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Soaraway ShootUp turns three

Unlike most child geniuses, Shoot Up is unique in that it’s parents met only once it had been born. How modern. Tim created the monster and Alison joined him in the early days to help tame it. Soaraway Shoot Up got off to a flying start with Tim and Alison sharing pretty much every diabetes… Read More »

Lurkers welcome!

Like the ruling party in some sort of Orwellian dystopian future, here at your soaraway Shoot Up we take a grim satisfaction in watching everything you do on the site. Well, perhaps not quite, but we have noticed that the number people who read our posts and forums hugely exceed the number of people who… Read More »

Soaraway ShootUp is number 1 in the UK

Your soaraway ShootUp is celebrating being named the number 1 UK diabetes blog. Hurrah! Tim and Alison were keen to mark this momentous event in some way, although I have convinced them that perhaps a short blog post would be more appropriate than their original plan of introducing a £500 a year membership fee to… Read More »

The Shoot Up meet up

Just a quick note to thank everyone who turned up to the Shoot Up meet up on Saturday – I think we can safely say that a good time was had by all and a lot of useful chat was also had by all! We did take some pictures and some videos to put up… Read More »

Review of 2010

Everyone hates the end of the year and those endless “review of the year” articles. They’re tedious, lazy, annoying and irritate readers. Not being one to shy away from annoying our readers, here’s your soaraway Shoot Up’s review of 2010. We started off the year in combative mood, asking “Why are insulin pens so ugly”… Read More »

Don’t be shy

Hello you; yes, you! I’m referring to you, dear reader. Are you an avid fan of Shoot Up (and, frankly, who isn’t?) and do you enjoy reading our articles and forums? I hope so. If you haven’t already, have you considered setting up an account and chipping in with your two-pennethworth in the comments section… Read More »

We’re back

Thankfully we’ve now got the problems sorted and we’re back with a vengeance. Huzzah! If you had a Shoot Up account before, I’m afraid you’ll have to create a new one over there in the top right corner, but it is merely the action of a moment. Anyway, now that the technicals are sorted we… Read More »