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About Shoot Up or Put Up

Shoot Up or Put Up aka “Shoot Up” aka “Your Soaraway Shoot Up” is a non-commercial website, primarily about diabetes, operated by Tim Brown and Alison Finney. Both Tim and Alison have degrees in English law (no, really, we do) so our “legals” page should be filled with densely-packed fine print. But, you know, life is just far too short for such guff – so here are our simple, easy to read terms and conditions. Enjoy!

About medical advice

Clearly, anything written in this blog does not make up formal medical advice. Who would think it would do? As you already know, the correct person to speak to about your diabetes is your general practitioner, specialist nurse or consultant. It’s best not to make radical changes to your medication or lifestyle based on the content of a badly-written blog. Unless you’re an idiot.

About our articles

We try our best to make articles at least reasonably accurate and do attempt to avoid defaming large and litigious corporations where possible. If something is truly offensive, defamatory or just plain wrong email Tim at in the first instance and we’ll have a nice chat about it and sort it out.

About your comments and threads

With regard to your comments, threads, pingbacks and other feedback please note that this site is not a democracy. Think of it more as a benign dictatorship. Comments may be edited or deleted if the need arises. We sometimes, but very rarely, edit to correct typos or horrible grammatical errors – this is generally to stop you looking like an eejit. However we reserve the right to do what the heck we want with your comments if we need to – remember the benign dictatorship thing.

Needless to say we don’t take responsibility for other people’s published comments – we hardly take responsibility for our own. As with our posts, if something is truly offensive, defamatory or just plain wrong please do email Tim at before seriously kicking off. If you do fancy kicking off, however, do keep in mind that both site founders are lawyers.

About our bias

Sadly we’re not sponsored or affiliated with any large corporations (shame, eh?) and we’re not in the pay of Big Pharma. However, being diabetic, we do use products made by a ;

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