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Diabetes saves Halloween

Because I’m a miserable old witch I don’t make any preparations for Halloween. So you can imagine my terror when the doorbell went earlier this evening and I was faced with several miniature ghouls. Thankfully, before I slammed the door in their faces I realised that they were the offspring of the neighbours over the… Read More »

Food thoughts

I like food. It is generally a pleasure. But because of the pancreas situation, food is never really just food, it’s also a mental obstacle course. For me, some foods trigger several thoughts before I even consider how they taste: Pasta: so tasty, so comforting. My pasta thought process sadly often goes like this –… Read More »

Endless Patience with Thoughtless Outsiders

(Or, why I hate Chicken Caesar Salad) One thing I often have problems with is eating out. When it’s just me and the husband, we have a few places we can go that I know the menu, that have relaxed attitudes to requests to serve the salad dressing on the side, or take out the… Read More »

Partying with the pump

Hello beloved Shoot Up readers and a belated happy New Year to you all! I hope you had an enjoyable winter festival and, if you use the Gregorian calendar, a wonderful New Year. Being pseudo-Scottish, I don’t do New Year. Instead I do Hogmanay, which is pretty much the same as New Year celebrations but… Read More »

Carb counting for posh people

I was idly rummaging through my old notes, leaflets and booklets that I was given by the DSN when I was first diagnosed. I did because I wanted a) clear some space in my drawers; and b) remind myself how many bad habits I’ve picked up in the last five years. One booklet in particular… Read More »

Hypo Hilarity

By Samantha The dreaded hypo’s are back. Uh-oh. Man the barricades. When I have bad hypos, I turn into something like the monster from the black lagoon, all growly, pale and nasty. And over the past week or so, I’ve been having some rather nasty ones in the vein of at least two a day… Read More »