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The professional diabetic

This whole playing at being a pancreas thing does take up a lot of time. Changing infusion sets, bolusing, carb counting, hypoing, they all eat away at my time. Normally it all fits in with my life and I don’t really notice it. But every now and then it makes a bid to take over. I’ve… Read More »

Dearest darling GP

Dearest darling GP, I moved my healthcare to your business a couple of years ago because my previous GP was failing to deliver. He was medically mediocre and administratively hopeless. I like your surgery because you take in a lot of trainee GPs. Terrifying as this may first sound, they’re actually rather good – they’re… Read More »

Medtronic – 1st Annual Diabetes Internet Forum

The Internet-enabled pancreatic horde will no doubt be thrilled to hear that everyone’s second favourite insulin pump manufacturer – Medtronic – is holding its first ever Annual Diabetes Internet Forum in sunny Lausanne this weekend. And I’m going. According to the bumf I’ve received, the forum is designed to “collectively discuss and explore the internet… Read More »