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The terrible smell

After yet another diabetes related bed sheet incident I am now starting to think that diabetes and sheets are simply incompatible bedfellows. This time there was no visible problem, no massacre-like blood stains or mysterious slime. Oh no, this time it was the smell. Thankfully not the smell of my toes rotting off or my kidneys… Read More »

Novo Nordisk pulls insulin from Greece

According to the BBC, everyone’s favourite pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk is withdrawing its insulin products – including Levemir & NovoRapid – from Greece after the Greek government ordered a 25% price cut in all medicines due to their current financial difficulties. You can read Aunty Beeb’s full article here:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/10189367.stm Being evil, I always like to… Read More »

Diabetes inventions

I recently did an interview for a diabetes magazine (yes, another magazine – we’re getting really big now in diabetes celebrity circles; such as they are). And I was asked what single development would make life easier for me as a member of the pancreatically-challenged hoard. I did think about a new pancreas grown from… Read More »