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Contributing to footpath erosion

“You’re lazy, fat and ugly!” are just some of the insults I’ve never had thrown at me. But, despite their non-existence as Tim-directed abuse, it’s certainly true that I’m quite lazy, especially when it comes to exercise. I know that jogging or going to the gym is good for you. Exercise seems to cure, or… Read More »

Diabetic kids take part in the Games

The Paralympics may be big news at the moment, but this dog is chasing his tail with excitement over the snappily named East of England Paediatric Diabetic Games. Diabetes specialist nurse, professional pancreas (she has Type 1 too) and general girl wonder Claire Pesterfield  brought together 200 children with diabetes from 17 hospitals for their own… Read More »

Football ends in tears

Last weekend saw the highlight of the diabetic footballing calendar. 132 kids with diabetes from 12 different countries, plus their parents/supporters headed to Lausanne, Switzerland to take part in the finals of Junior Cup Diabetes 2012. Medtronic have hosted the event for the past 6 years. As they said at the opening ceremony, the event… Read More »

Animas sport & exercise weekend – part two

Soaraway Shoot Up reader Anna reports back on her findings at Animas’ recent sport and exercise weekend. Well, you have heard about the great success that was the Animas Sports and Exercise weekend but apart from the fun of synchronising hypos and attempting to adhere to the rules of football, without really knowing what they… Read More »

Calling all diabetic sporty types

Playing at being a pancreas while exercising can be a bit of a faff. It’s so easy to end up snaffling carbs like a squirrel preparing for hibernation to try and prevent a mid swim low. Or make a fool of yourself by going hypo in the middle of a football match. Or get carried away… Read More »

The drudgery of exercise

As you can probably already guess from the title of this article, I hate exercise. I like to progress through life at a stately and modest pace. Jogging is not for me – I don’t even run for busses, dagnabbit. In my view, a gym is simply a modernised, sanitised version of the medieval torture… Read More »

Diabetics playing football?

Big pharma encouraging the pancreatically challenged to play football, whatever next? Christine Michael reports from the Diabetes Junior Cup 2010 : Take 24 children and teenagers with type 1, bundle them on a flight to Geneva, expose them to two days of partying, blazing sunshine, competitive football and weird Swiss food, and what do you get?  Surprisingly, not… Read More »