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Bad habits

I used to be a good diabetic. After my diagnosis five years ago I did all the things good diabetics were supposed to. Such things included changing needles every time I injected, changing my finger pricking lancet every time I check my blood glucose (something my beloved co-writer gently took the piss out of the… Read More »

The problem with a cure

Just imagine if there was a cure for diabetes tomorrow. Say if some mad scientist came up with a magic serum that restored one’s beta cells to full production and health within a day or two. (One imagines said scientist working from some sort of dark, gloomy castle, surrounded by angry storm clouds and frightened… Read More »

A needling problem

The other week I ran out of needles in the easy-reach box in our under-stairs cupboard. I have a couple of nicely painted IKEA boxes there where I keep my day-to-day diabetic supplies. Pretty thrilling stuff, I think you’ll agree. I went upstairs to my diabetic warehouse and was horrified (well, not really horrified at… Read More »

The pig poke

I had my swine flu jab on Saturday (affectionately known round here as the pig poke!). I wasn’t planning to write about it as I didn’t think I’d have anything more to say than Tim’s wildy entertaining piece had already covered. Sadly the English experience hasn’t been quite as good as the Scottish one this… Read More »

Swine 'flu jab

For those that care (and I know you’re few and far between) I had my swine ‘flu jab last night. It was as much fun as any vaccine injection I’ve had before and I now have a mildly aching arm this morning. But that’s as far as the side effects go. Oink! Again I was… Read More »


Later today, you’ll be thrilled to hear, I’m off to the doctors to go and get my swine flu jab. I mentioned in my earlier post about seasonal flu that last year I did manage to successfully contract flu (proper flu I mean, not “man flu”; no, honestly) and I vowed never to miss a… Read More »