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Should diabetics be special?

For the purposes of ego inflation, I like to think I am special. Most people are in some way. But is it a good thing to be seen as special just because of my broken pancreas? Having experienced the thrill, excitement and reassurance of attending events for kids with diabetes, both as a pancreatically challenged… Read More »

Medtronic European internet forum 2012

Everyone’s second favourite pump & CGM company Medtronic once again brought together a bunch of interweb-savy diabetic types in Switzerland for their almost annual internet forum. The last two forums were pretty UK focussed, but diabetics have now been discovered outside of the UK in the deepest, darkest depths of Europe, so this time was a veritable Eurovision song… Read More »

Diabetic kids take part in the Games

The Paralympics may be big news at the moment, but this dog is chasing his tail with excitement over the snappily named East of England Paediatric Diabetic Games. Diabetes specialist nurse, professional pancreas (she has Type 1 too) and general girl wonder Claire Pesterfield  brought together 200 children with diabetes from 17 hospitals for their own… Read More »

Football ends in tears

Last weekend saw the highlight of the diabetic footballing calendar. 132 kids with diabetes from 12 different countries, plus their parents/supporters headed to Lausanne, Switzerland to take part in the finals of Junior Cup Diabetes 2012. Medtronic have hosted the event for the past 6 years. As they said at the opening ceremony, the event… Read More »

The Big Event

So this weekend was the first time in my adult life I’d been in a group of more than 15 diabetics who weren’t nervously waiting to be talked to by the consultant.  I was willing attendee of this site’s official favourite charity Diabetes UK at The Big Event held at Warwick University – confusingly located… Read More »

Insulin pump roadshow: this Saturday, 14 July, Nottingham

A quick reminder that if you’re anywhere near Nottingham and interested in pumps, INPUT are holding another of their brilliant insulin pump exhibitions there on Saturday 14 July 2012. I went to the last one in Chester and it was the first time I’d ever seen all the pump and CGM suppliers together in one room,… Read More »