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By | 3 July, 2009


The founders of Shoot Up exchange frank views

The founders of Shoot Up exchange frank views

I suppose it had to happen sometime.

Sadly we couldn’t keep on corresponding exclusively via email and unfortunately the founder members of your soaraway Shoot Up had to actually meet in person one day.

So it was with great regret and a heavy heart that my wife Katie and I agreed to meet up in Edinburgh earlier this week with my esteemed co-writer and her husband Geoff for drinks, dinner and more drinks.

As is, of course, obligatory in the wonderful world of blogs we then decided we had to post about it and bore you all to death. After all you – our beloved readers – don’t give a flying toss about us; you just want breezy articles about the wonders of diabetes don’t you?

Anyway, a lovely time was had by all and both Alison and I demonstrated our diabetes prowess that qualifies us to write this blog by completely and utterly messing up our control. Between the main and desert courses, Alison managed an impromptu hypo and I successfully got my BG up to an impressive 14.9. Yay, go us!

Among many other things, the evening gave us an opportunity to discuss Shoot Up and how we plan to develop it in the coming months. World domination and the enslavement of the entire human race was mentioned more than once, so watch this space and watch your back! Rrraagh!


Say cheeeeeeese!

Say cheeeeeeese!

I thought it was about time that I actually looked into the whites of the eyes of the man I met on the internet several months ago and have been trading insults with ever since. I really wanted to hate Tim because it would have made for a much more interesting post but sadly we got on like the proverbial burning house.

I’m happy to confirm that Tim’s account of the evening doesn’t stray too far from the truth, but there are just a few more things to note:

  • I’m sure The Scottish Whisky Society does a marvellous range of drinks, but the whisky Tim was drinking really didn’t smell fit for human consumption. Let me put it this way, if they made drinkable insulin and it smelt like that, the diabetes community would be rioting in the streets to get it outlawed.
  • I blame too much talking and not enough eating for a really irritating low that put a stop to a debate that was just heating up about artificial pancreases.
  • Co-authors of blogs should be allowed to average their blood sugar readings between them – that would give Tim and I an impressive post meal reading of 8.5 (as opposed to the actual mess we both managed to make of it).
  • Having been diagnosed back in the mists of time, it made me smile to see that (relative) new boy Tim changed his pen needle every time he injected. I managed that ’til I was about 11 and then got into bad habits that involved changing needles daily at the very most.
  • Tim and Geoff got far too comfortable in their anoraks discussing tech, internet security and the Chinese taking over the world.
  • And finally, Tim’s lovely wife Katie makes the coolest handbags

The main thing to come out of the evening though, apart from some very unflattering photos, has to be our shared desire to take over the world. Watch this space!

6 thoughts on “Tim & Alison meet

  1. Tim

    I think the most important thing about the evening was that I was right and Geoff was wrong about the artificial pancreases…

    1. Alison

      Tim, that debate will be continued at some point in the future – I didn’t get to have my say. In my head I had a good argument, it was just trapped in there due to low blood sugar!

  2. CALpumper

    Having not met either of you, I say Alison is right. Every time. All the time.
    Just sayin’.

    Great pics!! Glad you all met and got along. And Totally, an average reading is key when more than one PWD is in the room.


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