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My diabetes story in a single graph

Living in Scotland, like I have done for the last twenty years, has many downsides. The weather is consistently crap, the winters are dark and the accents are, sometimes, impenetrable. However, there are also many upsides. The landscape is wonderful, the people lovely and you get to develop a healthy chip on your shoulder about… Read More »

HbA1c: converting old to new

Having had to resort to Dr Google to translate my latest HbA1c result into something meaningful, I thought it might be useful to publish a conversion table for new HbA1c measurements. Since October 2011 the way HbA1c results are expressed has changed – from % to mmol/mol. Mostly this has been done to mess with your… Read More »

My latest A1C

Yesterday,  six months had rolled around again and it was back to the Royal Infirmary for my bi-annual check up (odd word ‘bi-annual’, does it mean twice a year or once every two years? One to ponder. Or not.) The very familiar waiting room was the same as always and the goldfish in the remarkable… Read More »

My latest MOT

It’s that time of the year again – yesterday saw me indulge in my regular trip up to the Royal Infirmary to be prodded, pricked and poked as part of my regular seven-month check up, my first after getting the pump back in November. I’m going to be up front and tell those of you… Read More »

Bathe in my munificent glory

Well, this week I had my annual diabetic MOT up at the Royal Infirmary. Sadly, for ghoulish readers, there’s nothing much to report. Everything is going fine, no limbs have rotted off, I can still see and hypo awareness is good. Even the goldfish in the fish-tank in the reception area were looking good –… Read More »