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Medtronic European internet forum 2012

Everyone’s second favourite pump & CGM company Medtronic once again brought together a bunch of interweb-savy diabetic types in Switzerland for their almost annual internet forum. The last two forums were pretty UK focussed, but diabetics have now been discovered outside of the UK in the deepest, darkest depths of Europe, so this time was a veritable Eurovision song… Read More »

Diabetics playing football?

Big pharma encouraging the pancreatically challenged to play football, whatever next? Christine Michael reports from the Diabetes Junior Cup 2010 : Take 24 children and teenagers with type 1, bundle them on a flight to Geneva, expose them to two days of partying, blazing sunshine, competitive football and weird Swiss food, and what do you get?  Surprisingly, not… Read More »

Medtronic – 1st Annual Diabetes Internet Forum

The Internet-enabled pancreatic horde will no doubt be thrilled to hear that everyone’s second favourite insulin pump manufacturer – Medtronic – is holding its first ever Annual Diabetes Internet Forum in sunny Lausanne this weekend. And I’m going. According to the bumf I’ve received, the forum is designed to “collectively discuss and explore the internet… Read More »

Novo Nordisk pulls insulin from Greece

According to the BBC, everyone’s favourite pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk is withdrawing its insulin products – including Levemir & NovoRapid – from Greece after the Greek government ordered a 25% price cut in all medicines due to their current financial difficulties. You can read Aunty Beeb’s full article here:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/10189367.stm Being evil, I always like to… Read More »

Pump training

Avid readers of your soaraway Shoot Up will know that I’m currently on an 18-month long NHS waiting list for a pump. You’ll also recall I’m not too chuffed about this for obvious reasons. As, on the whole, I’m generally a pain in the arse I’ve been writing polite letters to everyone concerned about this… Read More »