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Cycling and diabetes – “Bandersnatch” edition

Following in the wake Black Mirror’s multiple-choice “Bandersnatch” epsisode this article, while ostensibly about cycling and diabetes, allows you to “pick” which of the article threads you would like to follow. Some people like bikes, some people like diabetes, some people like both; the choice and your destiny is in your hands! Let’s start with… Read More »

My pump settings

As I’ve endlessly banged on about on your soaraway Shoot Up’s social media channels; I’m getting a new pump this week. Medtronic’s 640G no less. The thing itself arrived yesterday and I spent an enjoyable (I define “enjoyable” quite widely in this context) evening reading the manual and programming my many and ;

If Apple did diabetes

Following on from the moderately popular If Disney did diabetes post, I thought I’d take a look around to see what diabetes would be like if it was run by other leading brands. I’m reliably told (by @Mike) that I am what’s known as an iPhobe. I possess no piece of equipment manufactured by Apple. Yet… Read More »