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A day without strips

As well as being a regular commentator at your soaraway Shoot Up, Dave is a blogger extraordinaire and regularly posts over at http://www.thetangerinediabetic.blogspot.com/ ——————————————– The day was planned perfectly. Twice a week I work in Leeds, which is a leisurely two-hour train ride away from home. Strips for my (current) favourite testing machine ran out… Read More »

Diabetes and the day job

Being a full time pancreas really doesn’t pay well, so I’m forced to also have a day job, alongside my diabetes hobby. On a typical working day there isn’t anything of great diabetic interest going on, beyond the humdrum normality of test, bolus, repeat. Last week was marginally more exciting in that I was running… Read More »

Did someone mention a wedding?

I’ve heard a rumour that there’s a royal wedding happening this week. I really think they should do some more publicity around this, I’ve no idea what colour knickers the bride will be wearing or what the groom will be eating for breakfast which is quite frankly driving me to distraction. The husband and I tied… Read More »

Diabetic Days – a break from barking at the moon

In the latest of our Diabetic Days series, Tom describes an average day: ————————————- 0700 – That time of day again. Wake up, wish I hadn’t. 0705 – Something to make the day better, breakfast mmmm Weetabix… Remember I have pre pump training. This certainly does lighten up the day! Then remember that I have… Read More »

Diabetic days – great expectations

As part of our superlative ongoing series, type one mum-to-be Sam Clifford describes her diabetic day: ——————————— The first thing I thought when Tim asked me to write about a day in the life of diabetes was how on earth to chose one out of the many fabulous days I have experienced not only in… Read More »

Diabetic Days – a rollercoaster ride

As part of our wonderful ongoing series, type one Shelley Bennett describes her average day: ———- I describe diabetes as a roller-coaster ride with many highs and lows and ups and downs. It is 24 hours a day and never far from my thoughts! Here’s my typical day: My alarm goes off at 7am and… Read More »