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Words: handle with care

Medicine is full of hazardous things. Dangerous drugs, sharp objects, nasty viruses. But when it comes to chronic diseases, sometimes words are one of the most potentially treacherous tools available to a healthcare team. This is my plea to all healthcare professionals… Dealing with a pregnant diabetic is admittedly a bit like juggling with lit… Read More »

Looking for diabetes inspiration?

Diatribe have published some interesting quotes from people working in diabetes care and research. They asked them what their words of wisdom for people with diabetes would be. Apart from the odd one who said “control your blood sugars” which is about as useful as saying “make it stop raining” and always makes me want to… Read More »

Whinge, whinge, whinge

I always said I wasn’t going to whinge my way through pregnancy, because I’d wanted it for so long and it’s such a positive thing, whinging is just ungrateful. I’m not being 100% successful at this. I catch myself whinging quite often. But a detailed analysis of my whinges show that it’s not really the… Read More »

At least its interesting

Being pancreatically challenged can have its downsides. But I think the real beauty of diabetes over other more boring chronic conditions is that it is so multi-faceted. The spectrum of areas diabetes interferes with is as broad as it is long. It means life is never dull. • Complications run the full gamut from head to… Read More »