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You can never please a diabetic

When it comes to raising awareness of and money for diabetes, we’re a contrary bunch. We’re always very keen for everyone to understand everything about diabetes, because it’s an exciting and fascinating disease don’t you know. And if I’ve got to live with it, you’re going to know about it. But we – and by… Read More »

Diabetes Question Time

Last night I popped along to “Diabetes Question Time”, organised by Diabetes UK and briefly plugged on the blog the other day. The purpose of the event was to give the pancreatically challenged hoard the opportunity to quiz Scottish MSPs from all major parties about diabetes health care and policy. If this sounds incredibly boring… Read More »

DUK responds to NHS reforms

In a letter to The Times, everyone’s second favourite diabetes charity writes about the NHS reforms in England and Wales. They say: “The reforms will place £80 billion of the NHS budget into the hands of GPs, but plans to make GP consortia accountable to the public are far too weak. The plans will allow… Read More »

Pump update

People who read this blog for a long time (you poor souls) may dimly recall that in September 2009 I wrote an article where I mentioned I would be getting a pump (it’s here, if you don’t remember it). You may also dimly recall that I was a bit eggy about having to wait eighteen… Read More »

Novo Nordisk pulls insulin from Greece

According to the BBC, everyone’s favourite pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk is withdrawing its insulin products – including Levemir & NovoRapid – from Greece after the Greek government ordered a 25% price cut in all medicines due to their current financial difficulties. You can read Aunty Beeb’s full article here: Being evil, I always like to… Read More »