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By | 1 March, 2011

As my pump is nearing the end of it’s days and I’m on the look out for potential replacements, I was very interested to see this…

Diatribe  (who do a very nice monthly newsletter focussed around research and product developments in diabetes in case you’re interested) have been reporting back from the 4th International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatment for Diabetes (ATTD), which is the forum lots of big pharma choose to share their new products at.

Of particular interest (or not, but you can at least pretend to care) to ShootUp readers will be a tiny bit more info about the new Animas Vibe – Animas’ first step into the world of integrated pumps and CGM. I mentioned this briefly in my review of pumps on the market but details were non-existent. Diatribe have a paragraph on it, which is more than I managed so that’s progress, and some gentle poking of my local rep revealed they’re hoping to launch in the UK in April/May this year (although holding your breath for this is not advised). 

And not to be left behind, Medtronic are also working on a new, improved CGM sensor which will come without the terror inspiring 3ft long insertion needle you need to use now (potential slight exaggeration here around the size of the needle, but when you first see it, it does make you quiver!).

A review of the conference overall shows the hot topics to be CGM and patch pumps (the tubeless ;

8 thoughts on “New stuff waiting in the wings

  1. Tim

    Hmm, inter-vesting! Pumps and CGM do seem to be what the cool kids are pushing at the minute.

  2. Alison Post author

    And we do go on about them quite a bit here on ShootUp so that means we must be cool! I don’t think I’ve ever been cool before, now I’m worried about what impact such a level of coolness will have on insulin absorption. Perhaps that means I’m not cool afterall 😉

  3. Stephen

    Pumps are the future, all those losers injecting are soooooooooooooo yesterday 😛

    Looking forward to more info on the new CGM, I don’t think it’s an over exaggeration regarding the needle though, and it goes about 1cm/s in. I swear you can watch in real time as it plunges into your flesh 🙁

  4. katerina

    Not impressed with the new Medtronic CGM info. They were saying that it will be half the size of the existing one. So.. lets compaire the old needle was 13mm and 23G the new is 10.5mm and 27G seems better but the Nav is already 6mm and 21G and the Dex is 13mm and 26G. So in my mind I was really waiting for a bigger improvement. Hope it is as painless as they say.

  5. lizz

    But the surface area is what is making it more accurate with much more ‘real’ time results, so maybe you can’t have one without the other…

  6. Alison Post author

    @Stephen I don’t know, but I wonder if the 13mm refers to the amount of needle that actually goes into you. Most of the huge needle you see when you pull it out at the moment doesn’t go into you, it’s only really the first centimetre or so that does.

    1. Stephen

      That could be it, though if they were referring to total length that could be the difference. Maybe the new one is 10.5 but doesn’t have that large bit that doesn’t go in. Kind of like the infusion sets?

      Slightly misleading, but could be true never the less 🙂


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