By | 20 August, 2010

A scene one might, or might not, see on holiday

Tra la la la laaaa!

I’ve packed my bucket and spade and Katie and I are off on our holidays for a fortnight. Incredible though it might seem (not least to me) I won’t have any Internet access at all (pretty scary, eh, readers?)  So I’m going to leave you in the very capable hands of my esteemed co-writer Alison, forum moderator extraordinaire Mike and, of course, the woofy ball of fluff that is our resident newshound Neville.

I’ve locked the windows and left a note for the milkman, so it just remains to say behave yourselves, enjoy the forums and be nice to any new sign-ups. Unless they’re spammers. Toodle-ooo!!!

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3 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. Cecile

    Hope autumn keeps its teeth out of the tiny bit of summer that officially remains…and that the milkman’s aim is good enough to get the milk through the chimney. Remember @charlie’s advice about tying a hankie around your head 🙂


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