Medtronic – 1st Annual Diabetes Internet Forum

By | 8 June, 2010
Lausanne, the day before yesterday

Lausanne, the day before yesterday

The Internet-enabled pancreatic horde will no doubt be thrilled to hear that everyone’s second favourite insulin pump manufacturer – Medtronic – is holding its first ever Annual Diabetes Internet Forum in sunny Lausanne this weekend. And I’m going.

According to the bumf I’ve received, the forum is designed to “collectively discuss and explore the internet communication opportunities as part of a patient’s quest to manage his/her diabetes mellitus”. I’ve never really thought of managing my diabetes as a “quest” before, but it sounds cool, no?

The event will also apparently provide information on “diabetes diagnosis and therapy…with regard to new technologies, products and applications”. They’re also going to try and find out what role the internet plays for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients. In other words, Medtronic are interested in the Internet and want to pick the brains of people who make use of it (like us web site operators (I hate the term “blogger”). Presumably this is so they can use it more effectively. Which seems fair enough.

So, anyway, as your humble representative in Switzerland this weekend, please do let me know in the comments below whether you have an questions, comments or opinions you would like to have put to Medtronic.

To keep you informed of what’s going on at all times, I’ll be updating you all via the wonders of our new twitter feed (how very web 2.0), which you can find here or via the whatsit on the right hand side of this page. Though be warned – in Geneva I’m meeting up with Mike of Diabetes in Spain fame (and regular contributor here on your soaraway Shoot Up) so please excuse us if some of the comments later in the evening are less than coherent…

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26 thoughts on “Medtronic – 1st Annual Diabetes Internet Forum

  1. Alison

    Have a great time, I want to hear all about what those strange blogger-types like MikeinSpain are like in person! Have a beer for me as I sit at home green with envy that I can’t go this time.

  2. Tim Post author

    I will be bringing my easel, so I can do some watercolours of Mike for your edufucation.

  3. Mike

    When @tim and @alison have finished discussing what a loveable rogue I really am!

    Sorry that we won’t get the chance to meet Alison but hopefully I will make a good impression for your surrogate. 🙂

    Tim, where would you like me to sit? Perhaps the Marina? The Train?

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  5. Alex

    Gruezi miteinander Tim und Mike. Even though Lausanne is French-speaking, Schwyzerdütsch is always appropriate.
    Well, gents, this is your chance to, literally, get into bed with Big Pharma. Looking forward to you coming back with rucskack-loads of gadgets and freebies and holding a raffle for the most stressed-out T1 to get a Medtronic pump.
    For me, MDI still rocks!

    1. Mike


      Tim and I will do our best to bag some SWAG.. 🙂

  6. Michael

    Thanks for attending and updating those of us in the Diabetes Online Community, especially those of us in the States! Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Roche Diagnostics, which has its U.S. headquarters in Indiana, has been working on something similiar for a year or so – group of about 40 of us going to a Social Media Summit this year. Should be a blast, talking about how we all can work together and what the DOC can do.

  7. Bennet Dunlap

    A “quest” before, cool?

    I thought you were an actual Brit.
    Do these questions three not ring a bell?

    What is you Name?
    What is Your Quest?
    What is your favorite Colour?

    (By the way nice try with all the sign up, captcha and making an avatar bit. I know we colonists are daft but sadly it wasn’t enough to keep me from posting. Better luck next try.)

  8. Tim Post author

    @bennet – the whole catchpa and ABBA question thing was designed not to keep our spammers, but was intended to bar you from the site 😀

    But, curse you, you got past my fiendish traps! *shakes fist*

  9. Tim Post author

    It’s my intention to build up the biggest ever diabetic ABBA preferences database the world has ever seen!

  10. Bennet Dunlap

    “… the biggest ever diabetic ABBA preferences database the world has ever seen!”

    So that would be what? Two pieces of data? LOL

  11. Lesley

    I haven’t seen my umbrella since I was in the restaurant last night…

  12. Tim Post author

    I think Lesley is referring to my appalling habit of stealing umbrellas from restaurants. When I told Lesley about it his weekend tI got the impression she didn’t approve.

    1. Mike

      @Tim did you not take advantage of a couple of complimentary umbrellas at the Medtronic cave!

  13. Tim Post author

    @mikeinspain – I was looking at them actually, but I couldn’t fit them into my case. Bah!

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