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World Diabetes Day

Today – 14th November – is World Diabetes Day. I like to think of it as a sort of wild party where diabetics the world around can celebrate their failed pancreases with booze, cake, wild parties and crazy dancing without any consequences. Sadly, as we all know, today will be much like any other with… Read More »

Lothian Diabetes Representative Group annual conference

It’s that time of year again. The leaves turn brown, the rain sets in and the Lothian Diabetes Representative Group has their annual conference in Edinburgh.This year it will be held at the Craiglockhart Campus of Edinburgh Napier University on Saturday 27th October. It’s usually quite an interesting mix of talks, workshops and gossip. There’s… Read More »

Medtronic European internet forum 2012

Everyone’s second favourite pump & CGM company Medtronic once again brought together a bunch of interweb-savy diabetic types in Switzerland for their almost annual internet forum. The last two forums were pretty UK focussed, but diabetics have now been discovered outside of the UK in the deepest, darkest depths of Europe, so this time was a veritable Eurovision song… Read More »

Olympic* diabetes

Hurrah! It’s the start of the Olympics* – that great celebration of sport and stuff that we all know and love. Unless you’re British. Us Brits love to moan and groan about stuff. We’re not happy unless we can have a good old bitch. And we love to bitch about the Olympics. I for one,… Read More »

The Big Event

So this weekend was the first time in my adult life I’d been in a group of more than 15 diabetics who weren’t nervously waiting to be talked to by the consultant.  I was willing attendee of this site’s official favourite charity Diabetes UK at The Big Event held at Warwick University – confusingly located… Read More »

Insulin pump roadshow: this Saturday, 14 July, Nottingham

A quick reminder that if you’re anywhere near Nottingham and interested in pumps, INPUT are holding another of their brilliant insulin pump exhibitions there on Saturday 14 July 2012. I went to the last one in Chester and it was the first time I’d ever seen all the pump and CGM suppliers together in one room,… Read More »