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Animas recall some pumps

Tim’s pharmacist has this morning forwarded me a fax noting that Animas are recalling some of their pumps. Apparently there’s a software issue which will stop them working after 31st December 2015. Oops! The models effected are the Animas IR1200, IR1250 and Animas 2020 and we presume that if you’re a Animas customer they will… Read More »

Animas sport & exercise weekend – part two

Soaraway Shoot Up reader Anna reports back on her findings at Animas’ recent sport and exercise weekend. Well, you have heard about the great success that was the Animas Sports and Exercise weekend but apart from the fun of synchronising hypos and attempting to adhere to the rules of football, without really knowing what they… Read More »

Animas Vibe gains CE mark approval

The day has come! Finally there is viable competition in the integrated pump and CGM marketplace. After more than 5 years of monopoly status for Medtronic, Animas have finally gained CE mark approval for their Vibe pump with integrated Dexcom CGM. Apparently it will launch first in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Sweden. According… Read More »