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Hypo Hilarity

By Samantha The dreaded hypo’s are back. Uh-oh. Man the barricades. When I have bad hypos, I turn into something like the monster from the black lagoon, all growly, pale and nasty. And over the past week or so, I’ve been having some rather nasty ones in the vein of at least two a day… Read More »

I swear I'm not a psycho really…

By Samantha Something that really bugs me is how rude people can be sometimes. It really annoys me, whether it’s someone being rude to you in the street by stepping on your feet and not saying sorry or if its someone giving you bad customer service. But what really gets on my goat is when… Read More »

The Tale of the Drunk Diabetic

By Samantha Beer. It’s brilliant stuff. It tastes nice and it gets you tipsy. However, for a diabetic, it can be pretty nasty. The thing with beer is that it shoots the blood sugar levels through the roof and then later on the diabetic in question goes hypo. And if after drinking enough beer to… Read More »