By | 24 March, 2010

I’m having one of those weeks where I’m bored of diabetes. I’m not particularly angry or upset, I’m not having a “why me, it’s not fair, I don’t want it any more” episode, I’m just a bit bored of it.

Blood testing feels a bit tedious.

The whole palaver of changing an infusion set really doesn’t inspire me.

I can get my blood sugar to run steady overnight at an 8, why can’t I get it to run steady at a 5 instead?

My afternoon basal isn’t quite right but it seems a lot of effort to change it (and to be honest, it really isn’t that hard to do).

I’ve been meaning to order a repeat prescription since last Thursday but haven’t quite got round to it yet.

There’s nothing truly wrong. Work is going well, life is good, I just can’t really be bothered with being an unpaid nanny to my pancreas. I’m not my usual good diabetic self.  I diagnose a mild case of diabetes fatigue.

A couple of days off from the tedium would be lovely. As that’s not looking likely a dancing meerkat/warthog combo would probably help a bit, or a diabetes manager would be very nice.

Or what about a diabetes bank holiday where we all get the day off or at least get paid triple time for all pancreas-related activities?

Short of all of that, I’m sure a good night out and a few glasses of red should get things moving again. If I could get that on prescription I could definitely find the motivation to order one!

22 thoughts on “Bored

  1. Caroline

    Oh Alison. I feel your fatigue. I love the thought of a triple time bank holiday – especially as we have Good Friday and Easter Monday coming up… It was my 2 week pumpiversary yesterday and I’m totally exhausted. I can see how brilliant it is, and already my sugars are down massively, but my fingers are shot to pieces with all the testing, my symptoms are all over the place for highs and lows, and even if I wanted to take it easy for a while and switch off (my brain not my pump!) I’m obsessed with my sugars and can’t seem to stop thinking about it. Exhausting. Bring on the holiday. I will clarify though, I’m still quite excited about changing my infusion set…

  2. johnar

    I get those days every so often, I think it’s the fact that you have to think about diabetes pretty much all the time, it sort of spoils spontanious fun.
    My solution is to create a creature a bit like one of those little elves from Harry Potter which do all your diabetes management for you when necessary. When they’re not needed they can sort of hide in the corner or wash your dishes or something. I live in hope.

  3. Mike

    I’m all for having a few days off, perhaps having a Diabetes P.A. to handle everything whilst we are on leave!! Maybe even auto-responder notifying the pancreas that we are away for the day????

    For me, my fingers are really sore at the moment and they are sore enough for me to hesitate testing at times. Booooooo.

  4. Ckoei

    Does ” a few glasses of red” reflect you vin- or vampiric traits?

  5. Charlie

    I fancy a day off – well overdue after 21 years.. but then again, I’ve taken days off in the past and ended up is hospital…. no rest for the wicked! (and I’m very bad – recent pump has sorted me out for the moment..)

  6. Tim

    @alison – you’re right – diabetes is just downright boring sometimes. At the minute my BG is absolutely fine – a few highs, a few lows, but generally it behaves itself well. I had to take an hour out on Monday for an eye check up and nothing of interest was reported and so on. Dull, dull, dull routine…

  7. Alison

    @caroline I love that you can be excited about an infusion set change. After 2 weeks on the pump I was still mildly overwhelmed at the thought of changing a set!
    @johnar & @mikeinspain put me down for the magic elf, the PA and the “I’m not interested in this anymore” out of office
    @ckoei my vampire traits remain pretty stable under the influence of the red stuff, but it does make me slightly merrier about the whole thing
    @charlie ah, yes, I was hoping for a magical day off, rather than a “ending up in hospital” day off, I don’t need that kind of excitement 🙂
    @tim ahh, you’ve just reminded me, I need to add making an eye appointment to the list of things I’m too bored to do.

  8. Mike

    Are we gonna have a competition to see who can @ people per comment?? 🙂

    1. Mike

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      @tim WINNER!!

  9. Scott K. Johnson

    You know, this problem is the basic problem that everyone living with diabetes struggles with. How to keep on keeping on? How to keep working so hard to maintain things?

  10. Tim

    @skjohn8 – and when you do get it right most of the time, it’s just bloody boring! And you know if you stop giving the ‘betes attention it’ll come and bite you!

  11. Hairy Gnome

    Diabetes… heart attack… diabetes… heart attack… hmmmmm… I think I’ll stick with the diabetes in future guys and gals… it may not be very exciting, but at least it doesn’t have the potential for terminal excitement the heart attack has! 😉

    1. Tim

      @teloz – well indeed, you should tell your heart to behave itself! 🙂

      Hope you’re well and all it going well with said heart.


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