Blood Sugar Wars

By | 30 December, 2009

Me vs my grandad. Yesterday

Christmas. It’s a time for family, a time for sharing things, a time for complete overindulgence. But in my family its also time for the dreaded blood sugar wars. You see, both of my grandparents are diabetic. They’re Type II, both on insulin (and my grandmother with an insulin pump) and I have to say, my grandfather absolutely adores to try and beat me in the blood sugar stakes! And usually he wins.

“What’s your sugars Sam?” he asks every morning, only for me to look at him and say something along the lines of “7.2…” or “6.3” or as it was the other morning, “15.2…” And every morning I get a grin, “I beat you. Mine is x.x”. And every single morning I growl at him and tell him how much I dislike him and his good blood sugar levels.

It usually ends up with a lot of stick beating, handbags at dawn and of course the age old favourite of a renactment of the battle of Hastings. I kid you not, it’s that bad. It happens every Christmas without fail. The blood sugar wars, whereupon I lose in a not-so-valiant way, give up and end up eating chocolate cake. The only problem with this however is that the sugars go through the roof, and I end up being laughed at by granddad, who has a much better level than me. Never mind, eh?

I have to say, I had the last laugh after Christmas dinner, when granddad’s sugars were higher than mine. I was a humble 5.6 whereas he was up at 8.something or other. Excellent! It’s all in good fun though. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a bit of friendly diabeticesque rivalry in the Morris household! It has to be done, when the majority of people in said house are pancreatically challenged!

Although I have to say, it gets rather confusing when my grandmother has the same blood glucose machine as me…I wondered why my levels were coming out reading 100 or more. Silly French system!

Though this got me wondering, do any of you have blood sugar wars? Or play swap the numberwang? Maybe that’s just me then…

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and have a brilliant New Year!!!!!

One thought on “Blood Sugar Wars

  1. Tim

    Ha ha ha! Maybe competing for low BG levels could become an Olympic event!

    Have a great Hogmanay! (Same goes to all our readers too! Yay!)


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