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Testing times

It’s that time of the year again when I pop along to have my eyes tested by my local optometrist. I have them photographed once a year at my local hospital as part of my usual check up, but I also get my optometrist to check them because I value my eyesight (I really, really,… Read More »

Eye eye!

Today was the day of my annual (or thereabouts) eye check up at the Royal Infirmary. I moseyed on down the hospital for an appointment first thing and went through the usual procedures. We started off with the standard eye-sight test which involves reading letters off a board. This is done by looking at the… Read More »

Eye eye

Having diabetes (no, really) I have a morbid fear of complications. Well, not so much “morbid” just a general disquiet that things might go wrong in the future. After all, poor blood glucose management can lead to a plethora of problems, as we all know from the piles of leaflets we were given when we… Read More »