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Dearest darling GP

Dearest darling GP, I moved my healthcare to your business a couple of years ago because my previous GP was failing to deliver. He was medically mediocre and administratively hopeless. I like your surgery because you take in a lot of trainee GPs. Terrifying as this may first sound, they’re actually rather good – they’re… Read More »

Bathe in my munificent glory

Well, this week I had my annual diabetic MOT up at the Royal Infirmary. Sadly, for ghoulish readers, there’s nothing much to report. Everything is going fine, no limbs have rotted off, I can still see and hypo awareness is good. Even the goldfish in the fish-tank in the reception area were looking good –… Read More »


Later today, you’ll be thrilled to hear, I’m off to the doctors to go and get my swine flu jab. I mentioned in my earlier post about seasonal flu that last year I did manage to successfully contract flu (proper flu I mean, not “man flu”; no, honestly) and I vowed never to miss a… Read More »

Bask in my magnificence

Well, it’s that time of year again – today was time for my seven-month review at which I’m poked, prodded and vampiric amounts of blood removed from my arm for analysis. My feet were jabbed and I was blinded by the flashes of the retino-eye-camera-blindy-thing-whatsit (I’m sure it’s got a slightly more formal name). Anyway… Read More »