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Testing times

It’s that time of the year again when I pop along to have my eyes tested by my local optometrist. I have them photographed once a year at my local hospital as part of my usual check up, but I also get my optometrist to check them because I value my eyesight (I really, really,… Read More »

My latest A1C

Yesterday,  six months had rolled around again and it was back to the Royal Infirmary for my bi-annual check up (odd word ‘bi-annual’, does it mean twice a year or once every two years? One to ponder. Or not.) The very familiar waiting room was the same as always and the goldfish in the remarkable… Read More »

Eye eye!

Today was the day of my annual (or thereabouts) eye check up at the Royal Infirmary. I moseyed on down the hospital for an appointment first thing and went through the usual procedures. We started off with the standard eye-sight test which involves reading letters off a board. This is done by looking at the… Read More »

Am I a nightmare patient?

There have been a couple of interesting articles recently about how patients and Drs interact. There was a particularly amusing/irritating dispute on the CNN website where Drs had recorded videos complaining about “patients who know too much”. Patient advocates, including’s Amy Tenderich quickly gave those Drs short shrift, objecting to their defensive stance and… Read More »