Happy New Lancet for 2011

By | 1 January, 2011

Celebrate the new year ShootUp style with a shiny new blood letting device

As a somewhat lax lancet changer, a new year is always a trigger for me to change a lancet. There’d be nothing worse than starting 2011 with a  blunt finger poker.

With that, I’ll offer you the now traditional (well we did it last year too) ShootUp new year greeting…

Happy New Lancet to you all.

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Diagnosed with Type One in 1983 at the age of four, Alison's been at this for a while now. She uses Humalog in a combined insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system and any blood glucose meter as long as it takes five seconds or less.

8 thoughts on “Happy New Lancet for 2011

  1. Stephen

    I’m getting over concious in my old age, I change them every six stabs as per the multiclix mantra, but never the less, happy new lancet!

  2. Mike

    Happy New Year to all.. I went for broke with both a new lancet and a new needle.. I know, spoilt myself!

    Here’s to 2011 everyone..

  3. katherine cromwell

    Happy New Year to all as well. But hey wait a shiny new lancet? Mine are plastic… Am I missing shiny ones?? I tend to replace when I can’t find them in my meter bag.Ooops

  4. Barry Rockell

    i change mine as little as possible, a new one hurts and doesn’t stop bleeding for ages. happy new lancet

  5. Tim

    And a happy new lancet to you co-writer!

    In other news, my first BG of the year was a pleasing 7.5 – pleasing after the astonishing amount of drink we consumed last night…!

  6. Annette A

    Mine was 3.4 – even after having gone to bed early with a bad cold 🙁 Which my bgs didnt pick up on (no usual rise to indicate something was on its way).
    But I change my lancet every time (or rather every 6 times – its a multiclix 6 lancet drum like Stephen’s)
    So for all you multi-users, Happy New Lancet! And for all you others like me, Happy Obsessiveness!

  7. Hairy Gnome

    Trust a gnomish old T2 to put a damper on things; I use a new lancet every stab, and the same for needles. Whilst you’re all congratulating yourselves on excellent BG readings, I’m having so much difficulty getting mine down I’m having to add a 50% booster to my Lantus dose every morning, and the same for the Novo-Rapid dosage at mealtimes, up 50%. I don’t know about enough insulin to kill an ox, I’m shooting up so much it could probably kill an aurochs! 😛


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