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Even more selfless diabetes travel research

As I continue to dedicate myself selflessly to the diabetes research agenda, I have just completed another research field trip. This time I investigated the impact of travel on diabetes in the Canadian Rockies and Alaska. Key learnings include: • When you’re wearing thermal underwear, two layers of clothes, waterproofs and a life jacket while sitting… Read More »

The Security Sweepstake

Tomorrow I’m flying to France. (To clarify for the benefit of our many pedantic readers, technically I’m not going to be the one doing the flying, I’ll be sitting on an aircraft (probably an Airbus A320) which will be the one doing the flying. I have a few talents but the ability to soar through… Read More »

Diabetes and holidays – more selfless research

I’m back! Although from the looks of things you’ve been getting along quite nicely with Tim while I’ve been away. I’ve never seen so many comments, it’s fantastic! I’ve been hiking in Majorca with the husband for a week. I’m assured that the pain in my thighs is due to too many hills rather than… Read More »

Things I learned on holiday

I’m back. Sorry it’s been a while, there’s been a lot going on and I have shamefully neglected the blog. I did have a lovely holiday though, sailing on the Turkish coast. As ever, I learnt a few new (and not so new) pearls of wisdom about holidays with diabetes: Diabetes junk and I will… Read More »

If Disney did diabetes…

We’re off to Disneyworld in a couple of weeks for a bit of much needed Disney magic. Amidst the excitement it did set me thinking. What would diabetes be like if it was managed by Disney, that all encompassing factory of magical happiness? If Disney did diabetes… My pump would wake me up in the… Read More »

Diabetic Terrorists

Before we get on to the main article suggested by the intentionally provocative headline, first things first – happy New Year to all our beloved readers. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas (or equivalent winter-based festival) and a fab Hogmanay. I certainly did; hurrah! Anyway, avid reader Rachel brought my attention to this… Read More »

Using diabetes to track leopards

It’s been a while folks what with work being a bit manic and then the husband and I heading off to South Africa for a marvellous holiday, but I’m back! And what pearl of wisdom did I discover during my little break? Diabetes can be an excellent way of attracting leopards. We’d had a great… Read More »