Poll results: What do you think is the most neglected element of diabetes treatment?

By | 10 May, 2016
Shoot Up's poll vote adder-upper

Shoot Up’s poll vote adder-upper

Last month we asked what you thought was the most neglected element of diabetes treatment. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top results – by quite a long way – was psychological support. Being suddenly dumped with a chronic, never-ending, incurable condition that affects every aspect of your life is a bit of a bind and – weirdly enough – some people find it quite difficult to deal with living with it day in, day out forever.

So a bit of brain-related support would go down well, eh? Seems sensible, but it never happens. That truly sucks.

The lack of technology also registered as a pain the whatsits, too. It’s somewhat frustrating to have some great tech out there which you just can’t afford or have funded. A First World Problem, perhaps, but the difference to our quality of life that even basic technology can make is huge. So another frustration.

There were a few other bits and pieces – foot checkups and carb counting – that a few people worried about, which is fair enough. So there we have it!

Those results in full:

Psychological support (57%)
Availability of technology (33%)
Foot checkups (4%)
Carb counting education (4%)
I think diabetes treatment is perfect! (2%)
Eye screening (0%)
Pregnancy support (0%)

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