Diabetic gets honorary degree

By | 23 June, 2011

Sir Steve Redgrave – most famous for promising to give interviews to small – but well-formed – diabetes-related websites and then ignoring any follow up emails from hard-working and dedicated website owners – has been given an honorary degree from St Andrews university. You can read all about it here http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/news/archive/2011/Title,70299,en.html if you’re interested in diabetic sportsmen getting honorary law degrees (rather than having to work hard for three years to get a law degree, like both dedicated owners of this website!)

My spy at St Andrews’ events department tells me he was “a nice chap” but still the taint of not-replying-to-our-emails sticks. Bah!

9 thoughts on “Diabetic gets honorary degree

  1. Dave

    Double-bitterness in the reporting by the dog. Outstanding 🙂

    That’s made me chuckle.

  2. Mike

    Well that’s it I’m off to get mine!! Actually will be easier to order one off the interweb!

    Redgrave, I believe his lives up to his nickname as Dr Juice.. Shame really as he really could get us pancreatically challenged bunch in the spotlight.

  3. Mike

    Also, after reading the article, like a good little lad.. I noticed it was a law degree on offer!!

    Why Law??

    Why not something more sport/health/lifestyle related? Could he now perhaps moonlight as a rower lawyer?

  4. Tim

    I don’t know? I didn’t even know that St Andrews’ did a law course…

  5. Cecile

    In my mother tongue, “rower” means thief/robber, so perhaps a law degree might buff up his image to something more lawful?

  6. Cecile

    You better not start any rows
    With this chap for words that he owes:
    He’ll bloody his oar
    On your sticky gore…
    And use as a rudder your nose.


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