A bazillion diabetics test their blood glucose

By | 14 July, 2009

Further to Manny’s post over at diabetes uber-site Tudiabetes here:


We’re joining in with the mass glucose testing mayhem – anything for an easy post! So Alison has clocked in with a worthy 6.7, while Tim’s current BG is surprisingly similar 6.8.

Obviously, this is all about raising awareness of the benefits of regular testing which is both good for us pancreatically-challenged hoards and the massed ranks of employees working in the test-strip industry. Hurrah!

3 thoughts on “A bazillion diabetics test their blood glucose

  1. CALpumper

    Woo hoo!! Thanks Tons cross the ponders!! 😉

    135 mg/dl for me. Not sure of the translation between the all of us tho.

  2. Tim

    Divide by 18 to turn it into the proper British measurement! So you got a very respectable 7.5 🙂

  3. Ckoei

    Moo moo!! Me from Down Udder presents with 5,7 (22:30). Average for day = 4,0 & SD=1,8. Avaunt ye vampires with sweet teeth!


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